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Kampuchea News is the world's only Cambodian news aggregation site.

English News

Kampuchea News monitors more than a dozen English-language sources. We have collected about 85 stories per day over the last week. The live feed is available on our Latest News channel.

Each news story is categorized by an algorithm and double-checked by a human.

The most important stories, as determined by an editor, appear in the Top News section.

Khmer News

Khmer-language news works much the same way, except we monitor only a fraction of the sites.

Cambodia plays home to nearly 700 Khmer-language news sites, according to the Ministry of Information. We monitor only the larger, more reputable ones.

There are no categories for Khmer-language stories, only provincial designations.

Over the past week, we've added about 267 Khmer-language stories per day, on average.

Kampuchea News is built and managed by Robert at K4 Media.